Spicy Sichuan food

On Sunday evening, we had dinner at this Chinese restaurant called Sichuan Fusion, that all of us love. It’s in our neighborhood and is a simple, hole-in-the-wall place which was recommended by a friend of mine, who is Chinese. They serve authentic Sichuan food which is from Southwestern China and is characterized by bold flavors, particularly the spiciness from garlic, chilli peppers and Chinese flower peppers (which numbs your tongue gives a tingling sensation). We ordered Uyghur-style lamb and lemon chicken along with steamed white rice and aromatic jasmine green tea. The lamb dish is a tempered with whole red chillies and also has strong coriander flavor. Just look at the amount of chilli peppers in the picture…. this is not for the faint hearted! I am sure there are other wonderful dishes from Sichuan but I am totally hooked to the lamb dish. I am not particularly fond of spicy food, but there is something about this place that makes me want to go there again and again, just for the lamb. My mouth is watering as I write this! If you are craving something spicy, this is the the place to go to.



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