Pioneer woman…. really?

There was a time, about 3 years ago, when I used to love watching the Food Network. There was Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence and Alton Brown’s Good Eats. I even liked Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals. Where are these shows? I miss being able to see them. Now it’s all about reality TV and cooking competitions, during prime time at least. I watched “Pioneer Woman” the other day, after a friend mentioned that the host is a blogger who was successful enough to get her own TV show. I was curious to see how she did it and also watch her cooking. Since I grew up in India, that’s the kind of food I am most comfortable with and TV shows are good way for me to learn American cooking.

Aaahh… but this show was such a disappointment 😦 Ree is an amazing photographer and the visuals of her ranch-life make good television, but I feel she lacks the spark. For some reason, it does not feel real to me; it seems rehearsed. But more than her personality, it was her cooking that put me off. In the episode shown on New Year’s day, she made sausage pancake on sticks (like corn dogs) and tater tots for dinner. Really?? Is that what you feed your kids? Haven’t you ever heard of vegetables? Then there were frozen fruit cups which she assembled using canned fruits. Why not use fresh fruits? She lives on a ranch, I am sure she has access to fresh produce. Her recipe choices are really bad. In my opinion, she’s modeling everything that is wrong with American diet today. I would like to see down home Southern cooking with greens, stews, baked beans…. there’s a lot more to it than deep-fried chicken!!

I wonder what you think about it? Who are her fans? Dear Food Network, what happened to real and healthy cooking?