Daikon radish raita

The other day my hubby picked up some daikon radish from the Chinese market. It makes a good salad, he said, which made me think that I could use it in a raita. “Raita” is an Indian side dish used as an accompaniment to the main course, usually paired with pulav, biryani or sabzi-naan. It is a yogurt based salad which could be made from onions, tomatoes, carrots or cucumber. My experiment turned out to be delicious.

Here’s what I did. I whisked some yogurt (about a cup) in a bowl and thinned it with water for the right consistency. Then I added grated ginger, some chopped green chilies and coriander leaves to it. I spiced this up with cumin powder and some pepper. To balance the flavors I added some sugar and seasoned it with salt. Then I grated the daikon radish, about 3/4 cup, and added it to the yogurt mixture. To brighten things up, in went a handful of fresh pomegranate seeds. Doesn’t this sound mouth-watering? Crispy, crunchy, fresh and cool. It went perfectly well with our dinner last night of vegetable stew and brown rice.

Raita is really versatile. You can use finely chopped cucumber with roasted and crushed peanuts, or chopped onions and tomatoes and even boiled and mashed pumpkin. I always make raita with different vegetables depending on which ones are in my refrigerator and my family just loves it 🙂 Let me know if you try it.


Khichadi and stir-fry fish

My Saturdays are usually busy with household chores … So I wanted to cook something simple, yet tasty. I decided to make “khichadi” which is Indian lentils (moong dal) and rice sautĂ©ed and cooked together in the rice cooker. To make it interesting I added some chopped onions, tomatoes and garam masala. Served it hot and steaming with some ghee, yummy…. On the side I stir-fied small fish (which I had in the freezer) with chopped onions, ginger-garlic and red peppers in some peanut sauce. I usually keep ground peanut sauce ready, it comes in handy for a quick Indian meal. Here are some pictures, hope you like it!

mixed-greens, khichadi and stir-fry fish

Fishy rice 🙂

Sunday night dinner

Dinner last night on Sunday was amazing. We wanted to cook something simple, yet nutritious. So here’s what we had…. Roasted butternut squash soup, mixed-green salad with home-made dressing and small oven-roasted red peppers and beans. To go with all this, Moscato wine, can’t go wrong with that.